Age Related Macular Degeneration

What is AMD?
AMD is a very common form of visual impairment which ocuurs in about one in ten people over 65 years. It develops with the deterioration of the macula, a tiny part of the retina. It may not lead to complete blindness, but it usually affects both eyes.

Dry AMD is the most common type of AMD. It occurs when the cells of the macula are damaged due to accumulation of waste material. The loss of central vision may happen over a long period. There is no specific treatment, but a good diet may slow the progress of the condition, and reduce the risk of it turning into wet AMD.


  • Blur of central vision causing inability to recognize people’s faces, and do activities like driving and reading.
  • Colours may appear less vibrant and straight lines may look distorted or wavy.
  • Sensitive to bright lights and whilst AMD will not lead to complete blindness, it usually affects both eyes.

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