Colour Blindness

What is it and why it happens

Certain colours may appear difficult to be seen by colour blind patients. In rare cases, colours cannot be seen at all. It may be inherited and present at birth. It also occurs as symptom of other eye conditions, such as Cataracts, Glaucoma, AMD. Diseases like multiple sclerosis and diabetes can also lead to colour deficiency. Changes to the vision that develop with age can also affect colour perception.


  • Difficulty to differentiate between certain colours. Orange and Red, green yellows, browns.
  • Difficulty to tell the difference between paler and deeper shades.

Colour Blindness identification

The Ishihara colour test is done to to identify colour blindness in patients. The test consists of a number of coloured plates each containing a circle of dots in a random pattern which is apparent. Shapes or numbers made by dots appear within the pattern which will be visible to normal individuals.


Colour blindness cannot be cured, but filters on glasses or tinted contact lenses enhances the ability to distinguish among certain colours. Consult an eye care expert about managing the condition.




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