Harms Of Ultra Violet Rays Of The Sun

Harms Of Ultra Violet Rays Of The Sun

The eyes are the only internal tissue in the body which is exposed exposed to UV light. Excessive exposure may lead to serious conditions listed below:


What is it: A painful eye condition that affects the surface of the cornea, which sun-burns the eye. Triggered by very bright snowy conditions, or when sunlight reflects off sand and water.

Symptoms: Pain, redness, light sensitivity, headaches, halos.

Treatment: May disappear naturally over a few days . Wearing contact lenses should be avoided. Keeping away from sunlight and using eye drops can help. If the problem persists, stronger antibiotic eye-drop may be prescribed.


What is it: Long exposure to intense sunlight may cause growths on the eyes, called pterygium. Particularly in intense sunlight.

Symptoms: Redness, inflammation, foreign body sensation, dry and itchy eyes.

Treatment: Growths can be treated with eye drops or irradiation of the eye. Surgery maybe required at severe stages.


What is it: Cloudy patches on the lens of the eye. Age acts as a the main risk factor, but overexposure to daylight also increases the possibility of causing cataracts.

How to spot it: Blurred, cloudy, misty or double vision, poor night vision, sensitivity to light, halo effect, and a yellow or brown tinge to the sight.

Treatment: Surgery to replace the affected lens with an artificial one.

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Eye Cancer

What is it: Radiation in UV light is absorbed by the lens of the eye. This may rarely contribute to the development of eye cancer eventually.

How to spot it: Blurred vision, flashing lights, or an appearance of orange pigment on the surface of the eye.

Treatment: Radiotherapy to destroy cancerous cells (while maintaining as much vision as possible). Surgery may also be necessary.



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