Fog And Your Vision

A common inconvenience faced by glass wearers are foggy lenses. Normal eye glasses can fog up when vapour meets a cold object.

How to get rid of this problem?

Choose a lens with anti-fog coating, which causes water droplets to form an invisible film on the surface of the lens, rather than creating a fog.

What causes foggy lenses?

Your lenses can steam up in humid conditions when the air is warm and moist. Air comes into contact with the cold surface of the lens causing the water held in the air as vapour, to condense into liquid droplets as it cools against the surface on your lens.

Your glasses may steam up when you are:

  • Playing sport, jogging or cycling
  • Going inside out of the cold
  • Drinking a hot drink
  • Working in a steamy kitchen
  • Opening a dishwasher or oven door

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