Functions of the eye

Vision – Light is taken into the eye and converted into signals that are sent to the brain to form images.

Movement – The movement of the eye is controlled by six muscles. Four muscles are responsible for the movement of the eyeball left, right up and down. Two muscles handle the adjustment of the eyes to counterbalance head movement.

Blinking – Every time you blink, the surface of the eye is wiped with a secretion from the tear gland. This keeps the eyeball moist and clean. Muscles in the upper eyelid is responsible for control the opening and closing movement.

Crying – The lacrimal gland in the upper, outer region of the eye is responsible for releasing tears.The eye is protected from irritants like smoke, dust and wind by reflex tears.

Protection – The skulls socket which holds the eyes protect them from injury. Dust and dirt is kept away by eyelids and eyelashes. Sweat from the forehead is diverted by the arch shaped eyebrows.

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